Congratulations and Felicitations! 

So you've made one of the most important and happiest decisions of your life. To make the process of finding a florist and arranging flowers for your special day, a list of questions has been prepared that will assist you in choosing the right florist and the perfect flowers for your wedding. (See our Consultation Form).

If possible allow 2 months or more in advance of your wedding to organize your flowers.

If you do not have a favourite florist then it is best to do your homework by visiting at least three florist shops, paying particular attention to the varieties, freshness and selection of flowers and designs on display. Look for someone who listens to you and understands what you want. Florists are very creative and will design beautiful flowers, but it’s a nice touch to add your personal preferences.

Bring in ideas you’ve clipped from magazines or printed from the internet. If you have fabric and colour samples, bring them along as well. During the consultation you will be shown other ideas also.

You probably had a budget in mind when you went shopping for your wedding dress or attire. It is also important to have a budget in mind for your flowers before attending the flower consultation.

The day before the wedding it is wise to come into the shop for your “wedding check”. This is to make sure the flowers are exactly as you have imagined them. This ensures that on the day you say your “I do’s” everything is perfect and as you had envisioned it would be.

It is never too early to begin planning your wedding flowers and reserving your place on your florist's calendar of events. The events calendar fills quickly, especially during the high season from May to September. Make the planning for your special day an enjoyable and relaxing experience by placing your trust in a professional, certified florist.