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What to Research Before Meeting your Wedding Florist

What to Research Before Meeting your Wedding Florist

An Approximate Budget:

Even if you are not sure of the cost of flowers, have a ballpark idea of how much you are prepared to spend. Flower budgets vary dramatically dependent upon flower choice and how grand and elaborate you want your wedding to be. Remember a larger budget will be required if you wedding is on the week of a major floral holiday, such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day or Christmas.

An Approximate Idea of Quantities:

Knowing the following quantities will allow us to provide you with an accurate quote.

  • Number of bridesmaids & groomsmen.

  • Number of boutonnieres and corsages for the bridal party.

  • Will you like pew markers, and how many?

  • Do you require a floral installation, hooper, arbour or wall of flowers?

  • Number of large arrangements for the church and at the reception.

  • Number of guest table arrangements.

  • Number of head table arrangements.

The vision or theme for your wedding:

Bring your Pinterest page, photos, fabric samples and your invitation. Together, we can create floral ideas which are uniquely yours.


If you have a vision for the style of container you require for your wedding, please bring an example with you, as this will assist us in calculating the variety and number of flowers you will require.

Images of the venue:

If you are getting married at your family's home, or a unique or unusual venue, it is vital we can see the photos of the areas you might need flowers. This helps us determine the colour, style and proportion of the designs required. We also may need to visit the venue, especially if we have never been involved with a wedding there before.

Essentially, the more information we have the better!